Venture advisors to VC and startups

Converging years of experience in building tech companies, we exclusively focus on venture consulting to represent better the value we bring.

What we do

We're a full-service advisory that combines a deep dive into metrics, people, markets, sales channels, products, organization structure, and more that matter most to your business. But, to us, consulting is more than advisory services. It's about supporting long-term growth, making an impact, and opening the door to the next level of success.

We've got a family of business and tech-savvy players, from software and product developers to strategy advisors, business executives, and strategy marketers who want to build something even better together with you. So if you wish to become more efficient, transform your infrastructure, or you're an investor looking for the next unicorn, we'll be happy t mo assist you.

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"The best thing about Ivexe is the community and the great people behind these innovative approaches. It gives me great confidence in the quality of the service and the assurance that Ivexe will be around for years to come."

Elena Florova

Founder at AddForce

Why Ivexe?

We all know building a successful company takes more than an idea. It takes leadership, a mix of resources, investment capital, and, most importantly, people. We have all four in spades, which means a severe competitive advantage for growing and scaling companies.

Tech experience

Ivexe is the only consulting firm focused exclusively on serving the unique needs of entrepreneurs and investors. Clients want experts who understand the trends and challenges. Our focus on venture consulting allows us to relate these dynamics to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Client focus and integrity

Our client's interests always come first. Our unrelenting integrity and client commitment are paramount to our success and permeate everything we do. We aim to build lasting, long-term relationships with our clients.

Execution experience

Ivexe's senior professionals come with years of significant advisory experience, from startups to enterprises, where they were leaders in their respective areas. As a result, Ivexe has executed some of the tech sector's essential and most prominent products.

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Replies within 1-2 days