We provide solutions and the research, strategy, and expertise necessary to guide essential decisions for early-stage startups and investors around business development, process, and product.

What We Offer

Our advisors offer unparalleled resources, expertise, and guidance to help maximize your investment’s impact. IVEXE is deeply attuned to your goals and values and curates all we offer on your behalf. Learn more about our services and request a meeting today.

Competitive analysis

IVEXE assesses the overall market position and identifies unique solutions and product propositions. We use these findings to deliver a comprehensive report that prioritizes the product roadmap and overhauls the sales message for desired outcomes.

Market research

We conduct targeted market and competitive analyses designed to yield valuable data and qualitative insight to inform organizational decisions: our research powers new product strategies, business models, and operational efficiency.

Product strategy

Launching new products requires careful research and strategy. IVEXE evaluates new product opportunities and develops research-backed guidance for taking new products to market. In addition, we steer the product development process and provide the appropriate methods for introducing the product to the desired clientele.

Operation strategy

We have worked with early-stage startups and VC to develop new operation business strategies, product roadmaps, organization structure, KPIs, and improved business models. Our expertise extends across the entire product life cycle from proposal generation to market product features rebalancing.

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